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Boom Beach update for 2018

Download new update for the game. Update now for latest gameplay and free diamonds. This will fix the following issues: Unexpected crashes on startup, and during gameplay Cpt. Everspark’s Explosive Charge crashing the game Players seeing a negative value next to Trader offers supercell   Update now on IOS      Get help if you […]

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Boom Beach Update Issue Fixed

Boom Beach Update Issue Are you having issue with Boom Beach? Was there some problem you had to update the game? Then watch this video from Supercell team explaining what happen on April update.   ” April Update Inbound! We’re fixing some bugs and adding intel to the daily reward boat ” Boom Beach official […]

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Boom Beach Update Now

Commanders your update has arrived. Update now to have new weapon and troops on your gameplay. What is new ? Hot pot: The Hot Pot is a hidden flamethrower with a devastating trick up its sleeve. It will lower into its bunker, safe from the gunboat, until troops venture into its range Grapper: The Grappler also has […]


Update Coming on Boom Beach

Update Coming on Boom Beach There is a new update coming on the gameplay. There will be lots of new stuff including….. – 10 new Power Base layouts – Operation participation % won’t include successful operations, if you didn’t attack – Sabotage can now target Shield Generators and Damage Amplifiers – Several graphical updates for […]