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How to defeat Colonel Gearheart in Boom Beach?

How to defeat Colonel Gearheart in Boom Beach? This Boom Beach walkthrough is about Colonel Gearheart and on the video Robert’s Arsenal has HQ 20, Lvl 48, Zooka Level 16, Warrior Level 18. Subscribe to Robert’s Arsenal  to watch more guide on Boom Beach. Details about Robert’s Arsenal ‘s HQ and power: Armory Lvl 20 Artillery Lvl 20 Barrage Lvl 16 […]

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All Troop

Rifleman : Rifleman is the basic and first level troop. They are powerful to destroy enemy but the life is very short. But you can make them stronger by upgrading your headquarter. You can train your Rifleman within a minute. New look  of Rifleman : HeavyMan : Heavy is the most famous and long life […]


The Grenadier Awakens Boom Beach new update

Boom Beach update Today! The Grenadier Awakens Update Includes: * New Troop: New Troop Grenadier Awakens are on Boom Beach. Update now to fire up your enemy’s base but only available at HQ 16. * Gameplay improvements: “too easy”, “easy”, “normal”, “hard” or “impossible” operation choose option. Weekends Dr. Terrors statues and many more. * New invasion information also added to the radar […]

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Boom Beach is now available Globally!!

Boom Beach is now available Globally!! Supercell has released Boom Beach on IOS. Official News says Boom Beach will be available on Android very soon. Before they launch Boom Beach globally they have made lots of change on the Gameplay. >> Changing Troops Faces >> 3D Water flow >> Foot sign of Troops And so […]