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>> Boom Beach on Android not from Germany/ Finland

>> Download Boom Beach on Android

>> How can i Save my game on Game Centre?

>> Save your base with Game Centre

>> How do I attack other players?

>> Where can I get crystal for my sculptor?

>> How do I move my buildings?

>> How do I train troops?

>> How can I control my units in battle?

>> Boom Beach on Android 

Issues :

>> When is the next update coming for Boom Beach?

>> Can i change my base name?

>> Why Boom Beach is not available on IOS 6 or lower?

>> How can i add more builders? 

>> Is supercell going to add clans to the game?

>> When will the game be available on Android?

>> player ranks

>> Most recent problem @ Boom Beach!!

>> Shock boom affect warriors?

>> Reward already claimed” what reward?

>> Update bug

>> Need more wood.

>> Headquarters

>> Diamond purchase bug

>> I won the battle but all my troops are gone?

>> Why have I been attacked while I was online?

>> How do I reinstall the game?

>> What kind of device do I need to play on Android?

>> Why do I need Internet connection to play Boom Beach?



>> How do Medics work?

>> How to contact Boom Beach Team

>> How do I train troops?

>> How can I control my troops in battle?

>> How can I upgrade my troops?

>> I lost my base! Can I get it back? (Android)

>> I lost my base! Can I get it back? (iOS)

>> Can I play multiple accounts on a single device?

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