Trader – No Collect Button Issue

Are you having issue with Boom Beach Trader option? Many of Boom Beach users are difficulty to claim their trading stuff from Trader  “No Collect Button” . This is appearing to many users has after log off from the game they are loosing all the stuff.

Mark Franklin: “I finally got a good crate and there was no collect button. When I got back to the game it had stolen all my tokens and I had non of the crates items. This is why we don’t have higher levels? What a waste of time”

It can be really frustrating when you put lot of time on the game but you can have the progress you are expecting. Mainly this is not an issue on the game. Many player don’t really know how to use this Trader option. So, don’t get frustrated without knowing how to use this option effectively. You should file a service ticket with details explanation whenever you encounter if you missing any diamonds or resources. I hope you will receive replay from Supercell , Boom Beach team. For contact and support please visit Support page and get all the info you need.

Write Complain to Boom Beach team

You can also file a service ticket from the game on it self. Just go to game settings and find help..

And then find the best matches pre answers. Most of the known problem has been discussed on the forum and attached on the gameplay.

If you need to discuss on some kind of new issue you are facing then you should file a service ticket.



Muhammad Imran wrote Same here” 

Comments below if you are having any of this issue. We will guide you to resolve the problem.