Boom Beach walkthrough and free diamonds for returning boomer

Tap to collect your diamonds(

There is always free diamond for returning boomer. If you were away from the game for any reason and you missed your Boom Beach base!, don’t worry your base is still alive. Boom Beach welcome you to come back with lots of diamond.

Come back to the game now and collect your reward from mysterious box. Boom Beach also reserved you rewards for defending and raided your base.

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Make sure to claim your rewards. To claim tap on Event Activity option and see what rewards are waiting for you.

Calculate your time to train your troop

Hints and tips before you Attack someone’s base: Before you try to attack someone base you need to make sure that you have available troop to win the battle. So, train your troop to get them ready to attack bases or destroy Dr. Terror’s base.

Collect reward for winning a village

Get reward to free a village. Each village will give you free coin for every hour you own that village. So, upgrade your base and create more weapons to defence.