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Boom Beach Update Now




Commanders your update has arrived. Update now to have new weapon and troops on your gameplay.

What is new ?


What is new?

Hot pot: The Hot Pot is a hidden flamethrower with a devastating trick up its sleeve. It will lower into its bunker, safe from the gunboat, until troops venture into its range


Grapper: The Grappler also has some pull! With its massive range, it will grab a troop from a distance and drag them closer to nearby defenses. Combined with a creative base design, Grappler will wreak havoc on invading armies!


Boom Cannon: There have also been some changes to the Doom Cannon. It will now have a small area of effect, doing incredible damage to troops nearby its primary target. Additionally, the Lazor Beam II and III are both getting damage boosts. Finally, the Weapon Lab cost is decreased for all levels!




Big update for Cryoneer with flames action and playing in group. Watch the video for more update news. Click here for news



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Boom Beach New Update Issue



Boom Beach New Update Issue

Update is live now. Go to Apple App Store or Android Google play to update your gameplay. There are many new features has added to the game. Including Tribe bonuses. There are 13 tribe bonuses

  • Gunboat Energy gained from building destruction
  • Troop speed
  • Building attack speed
  • Building life leech
  • Building flame damage (damage over time)
  • Buffed medics
  • Gunboat Ability damage
  • Gunboat Ability healing
  • Gunboat Ability ability duration
  • Gunboat Ability energy cost (reduction)
  • Gunboat Ability critter count
  • Troop life steal
  • Troop flame damage

See details on Forum. 

If you are having issue to update the game you can find answers how to fix those errors and Download new update here. 

Get update news 


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Boom Beach Rain Maker



The Rain Maker, a powerful tank-mounted mortar, is available from Trader this weekend . See details on Boom Beach forum.

Visit here Rain Maker 


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Update on Boom Beach



Are you waiting for an update on Boom Beach? Good news ! There is a massive update coming up this week on Boom Beach game. Let’s see some sneak peak what are new things coming on the up-coming Boom Beach update.

Sneak Peak 1 # Tribe Sectors is a new sculpture on the gameplay. There will be many bonus tribe with sectors.

Stay tune for next sneak peak. We update everyday so keep visiting us for latest news for Boom Beach gameplay.

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