Boom Beach Update and Task Force (Latest Update)

Boom Beach update is here with lots of new feature you have never seen to any of the game.


Attack of the co-op >>
Possible of rain or volcanic graphics when you attack the base. Dr. Terror getting harder and enjoy to take a challenge on the gameplay.

Attack with Allies >> Attack against giant base and feel the real Boom Beach.

Power base attack >> Power base is going to be very hard base to destroy in Boom Beach but you need to understand the heart of the base. So, find out the heart of the base and attack to win the battle.

Intel Background Mainland >> Keep organized your task force and destroy as many as power base you can. Level up and find the Secret Intel land.

Task Force >>(Together we Boom) The best feature of this new update! Sooner you will be able to join with other player and complete the big task. Task force become available at the HQ level 6 and you can join task force in different player sizes. Task force player size start from 5 to 50 player at a time.

All the update available here. Also join to the forum for discussion and new ideas.

Download now on Google play and IOS for free Boom Beach.